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Body Language


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When: new dates coming up soon.

WhereGrafton Capital Hotel, Stephens Street Lower, Dublin 2 (map)

How much: 10€.

Have fun and get a better understanding of Body Language and Power Dynamics in your everyday life.
Body Language Signals:
Why do you scratch your nose while you talk to me? Why do you suck a pen? What does it mean when you rub your nose and lips?

How do Power Dynamics affect your life?

Why do your voice sound more child-like when you talk to your boss?

How can you get the Power to invite somebody to the movies or to help a friend?

How can you sell something to somebody?

How can you deepen the relations with the important people in your life?

How about boosting your communication skills and your self-confidence?


At this meetup you can:

– practice Body Language and understand the Emotions behind it

– look into some Power Dynamics that affect our life

– play some fun games

– meet interesting people

But be careful: you might keep practicing it for the rest of your life!




Hands are for humans like the stick is for an orchestra conductor

(Demond Morris, The Naked Ape)




What previous participant said about the Body Language & Power Dynamics Meetup:

“I’ll be back!”
“Fun and helpful”
“Thanks Germano, It was a brilliant experience I really learned a lot here thanks to you and for all who make this a great experience!”
“ A good group, nice people and a fascinating topic ”
“ Excellent and very welcoming ”
“ Educational and entertaining. ”
“Interesting and fun”
“Interesting meet up, thanks for organising.”
“Great meetup – informative & fun. Thanks Germano! :)”
“Interesting and great fun!”
“Very good ideas and tips for everyday use. I will come back for more.”
“I really enjoyed the evening. It was a very interesting topic and I’m looking forward to the next one!”